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Organic Brazil Nuts

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Organic Brazil Nuts 250g

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Organic Brazil Nuts


Brazil nuts are from a South American tree. Although it is named as "Brazil" nuts, it does not neccessarily mean it is exclusively in Brazil. In fact Brazil nut trees are present in Guianas, Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia, Bolivia and Peru. It is found in large forests on along the river Amazon, Rio Negro, and the Orinoco.

It is a very large in size compared to some other nuts. It is inside in hard pods, which is similar to that of a coconut, containing between 10 and 25 seeds. This tree can grow up to 60 metres and up to 2 metres in diameter, and have a lifespan up to 1000 years.

Brazil nuts consists of 18% protein, 13% carbohydrates, and 69% fat. Among the fat content there are roughly 25% saturated, 34% polyunsaturated, and 41% monounsaturated. They tastes a little bit earthy. The saturated fat content of Brazil nuts is among the highest of all nuts. Due to the rich taste, Brazil nuts can often substitute for macadamia nuts or even coconuts in recipes. The nuts are also pressed for oil.

Brazil Nuts are a very good source of Selenium and a good source of Megnesium and Thiamine. Selenium offers protection against heart disease and to help prevent cancer, in particular the prostrate cancer. It is also a good antioxidant - it can protect cells from free radical damage, therefore can slow down the aging process, stimulate our immune systems, and protect against heart disease so forth so on. Brazil nut oil is usually used in shampoos, soaps and skin lotions. It is one of the best sources of selenium which contains about 2500 times as much as any other nut. Because its high selenium content is a powerful antioxidant, Brazil nut is a very popular with the healthy food area.

Like all nuts, brazil nuts are a good source of protein and fiber, and are a popular source of nutrition and minerals with vegetarians. Brazil nuts are rich in minerals and trace elements such as zinc and magnesium, and contain useful amounts of phosphorous, copper and iron.

  Nutrition Values  for 100g
  Energy  2744 KJ/656 Kcal
  Fat  66,43g
  - of which saturated  15,137g
  Carbohydrates  12,27g
  - of which sugar  2,33g
  Protein  14,32g
  Salt*  0,0075g
  Fiber  7,5g
*The salt content is exclusively due to the presence of naturally contained in the product sodium.

Storage: Once opened, store in a cool dry place in a tightly closed container, preferably in a refrigerator (because of its high fat content, the product rancid very quickly).
Origin: Peru
Manufacturer: UK

Additional Information

Producer Balev Bio
SKU 160198
Weight 250g
Country of origin Peru

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