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Terms of customer service

 This web page (called “SITE”) is administrated by “Balev Bio Market” EOOD (also called “”). “Balev Bio Market” EOOD is a retailer with residence: #260 “Vladislav Varnenchik” boulevard, Varna, Bulgaria and address of correspondence #260 “Vladislav Varnenchik” boulevard, Varna, Bulgaria, registrated in the Trade Register at the Registry Agency with VAT # BG201000770, telephone: 080020333.

Please read carefully the general conditions below before using THE SITE. Using this SITE, you unconditionally agree with these terms and conditions. The general conditions may be changed at any time by actualisation of the current SITE. These changes take effect immediately and are obligatory for all customers/clients.

Entering the SITE, the customers agree to follow the presented general terms, as well as the relevant laws.
“Balev Bio Market” EOOD, as a creator and owner of website, gives you the right to load and look through all materials, published only for personal usage with non profit purpose, in condition that you follow and comply with all copy rights and the relevant indications. It is not allowed the materials of this Site to be changed in any way, nor to be copied, publicly distributed or given away for any type of public or commercial purpose. The materials of this Site are under the protection of the Copyright law and its related rights and every unallowed usage may be a violation of the copyright, trademark rights or other laws.


The orders in Balev Bio Market MARKET can be made online from, on the phone or by direct purchase form the stores.
1. Online orders – with this option you have to register as “Customer”. The registered customer has personal account, through witch he/she can track his/hers orders, the customer comments he/she made, wanted products, etc.
2. Shopping by phone – with this option, you can make your order directly on 080020333, where our operator will receive it.
3. Direct purchase form the stores – of course you can purchase the products directly from any of our stores:
Sofia – 115 “Tsarigradsko shousse” blvd, level -1, The Mall Shopping Center
Sofia – 202 “Vitosha” blvd
Varna – 75 “General Kolev” str.
Plovdiv – 2 "Mladejka" str.

The products and services, shown in the SITE, represent a's offer.

Your ORDER will be received by as a contract proposal.

By fulfilling your order in the SITE, you confirm, that you agree with the form of communication (phone or e-mail), through which, implements the fulfillment of the orders in the SITE.

If confirms the implementation of an order, that means full acceptance of the order terms. The acceptance of the order from is considered done, when there is an electronic confirmation (e-mail) sent from to the client, with no confirmation required by the client. does not in any moment consider an unconfirmed order as a contract.

The contract enters into force with the confirmation of the order by

The present terms and conditions for sale are based on the signed contract.


The orders for Sofia are delivered in 2-3 days period. Some delays in deliveries are possible during the Emergency in the country.

The orders for the country are delivered with Speedy.

For purchases over 50 lv the delivery is free for Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna only.


кг 0-5 5-10 10-20 20-50 50-80 80-500 500-1000 1000-2000
lv without VAT 3.21 7.03 9.35 14.03 24.83 33.15 49.09 67.68
lv with VAT 3.85 8.44 11.22 16.82 31.04 41.44 61.36 84.85



kg 0-0.5 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
lv without VAT 3.89 4.56 5.22 5.87 6.45 7.14 7.76 8.46 9.15 9.77 9.92 10.43
lv with VAT 4.67 5.47 6.25 7.04 7.74 8.57 9.31 10.15 10.99 11.72 11.90 12.52
kg 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20     for each kg
lv without VAT 10.85 11.32 11.78 12.24 12.68 13.13 13.59 14.06 14.49     +0.37 
lv with VAT 13.02 13.58 14.14 14.69 15.20 15.76 16.31 16.86 17.39     +0.46



Returns are accepted till the 14th day of the date signed in the delivery documents. This is possible only if the product and its packaging are not disrupted. The cost of returning the goods is at the expense of the customer.

If by any reason the goods are delivered to the client with damaged packaging or for any other valid reason, the return of the goods is done at our expense.

Returns are not accepted for goods that due to their essence cannot be returned or are perishable, or there is a risk of deterioration of their quality characteristics.

According to the legal right, if the product is returned, the refund will be made within 30 (thirty) days of the return.


The payment is made through one of the following ways:

1. Cash on delivery
2. Bank transfer
3. By credit/debit cards.
4. Credit/debit card payment on delivery (only for Sofia)


Private data protection policy
We protect our client's private data and we treat the customers of this Online organic store in the same way. The current policy explaines how the customer's information is processed. If you are, or if you become our store's client, we can use your personal data for additional purposes related only to the better quality of our service.

When using this site you agree all the personal data that you provide us with, to be processed for the purposes stated below.

Legal Basis
Our store strictly follows the Law on protection of personal data of 2002.

Your Personal Data
The site gives you the opportunity to provide limited information on how to contact you. This information is kept in our database, so we can answer your eventual inquiry or to send the goods you have purchased to your address.

Disclosure of your personal data
Your personal data will not be disclosed to third parties, except for delivery of the product you purchased or to legally authorized persons.

Access to your personal data
Upon receiving of a written request from you, we can disclose the personal data that you have submitted, as well as correct or delete it.

The current policy is a part of the Terms and conditions for using the site and as such should be applied and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria.


Through Balev Bio Market EOOD's system you have the opportunity to enter your account at any time and make changes in the personal data, addresses, subscriptions etc.


Balev Bio Market is a registered trademark, logo and name.

“Balev Bio Market” EOOD is registered in the Trade Register at the Registry Agency with VAT BG201000770, headquarters Varna, #260 “Vladislav Varnenchik” blvd., customer's service office address: #260 “Vladislav Varnenchik” boulevard, Varna, Bulgaria.

All rights are registered and patented in under the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria and in accordance with international law. The content, texts, photos, logo and all the other materials are intellectual property of “Balev Bio Market” EOOD. and all those materials can be used only for personal non-commercial purposes. All abuses against “Balev Bio Market” EOOD are strictly prohibited. You are aware that “Balev Bio Market” strictly monitors its intellectual rights and all violators will be prosecuted and brought to trail.

Balev Bio Market MARKET manages this online store from its office in Sofia. All the goods and materials posted on the web site can also be used outside the country. If you use the online store outside the country, you are responsible for compliance with the local laws. The terms and conditions for using this “Online Store” are determined by the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria.


In accordance with the Customer Protection Act, we from “Balev Bio Market” EOOD. are obligated and we do give you free access to the following information:

1.Our name and address - “Balev Bio Market” EOOD, Varna, 260 “Vladislav Varnenchik” blvd, BG201000770
2.The main characteristics of our goods are displayed in detail on each product's description page.
3.The price of the goods is given including VAT(tax) on the page presenting the product.
4.The shipping costs that are not included in the price of the goods, can be seen in the section Deliveries and Prices.
5.Delivery methods are detailed in the section Deliveries and Prices.