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Mint oil

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Mint Oil 10ml

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Mint oil


Mint oil refreshes and soothes the respiratory tract. It has a relaxing effect in cases of anxiety and reduces the arterial blood pressure. It also has analgesic, anti-inflammatory and spasmolytic effect. It stimulates the immune systems, relieves headaches migraine conditions and PMS. Effective insect repellent.

• For baths: 6-10 drops against headache, migraine, bronchitis, influenza, cold, mental fatigue, anxiety, menstrual pains, skin inflammations and insect bites.
• For massage: 15 drops in a mixture with 50 ml of massage oil against headache, menstrual pains, migraine, influenza, bronchitis, mental fatigue, anxiety.
• For inhalations/aroma lamps: 5-6 drops against headache, migraine, bronchitis, coughing, sinusitis, metal fatigue and anxiety, and as insect repellent.

Do not use in cases of hay fever! Do not use on pregnant women, nursing mothers and children under 12 years of age!
Homeopathy is not compatible with aromatherapy!

Highly concentrated. Keep out of reach of children! Keep tightly sealed!
A tolerability test must be completed before use!
• For the skin: A small amount of the oil is applied on the inner side of the wrist. If the skin does not appear irritated or itching over a period of 24 to 48 hours, the test is negative.
• For the respiratory and internal organs: One drop of oil is applied on a handkerchief and is deeply inhaled 7 to 10 times, 4 to 5 times per day. If during inhalation cough, sweating, palpitation, etc. doesn't occur the test is negative.

Storage conditions: Store in a dry cool place, hermetically closed.

Usage of the essential oils

1. Bathtub: The favourable effect of warm water and the healing power of the essential oils make hot baths extremely beneficial for the whole body. The essential oils affect the whole surface of the body, they penetrate quickly through the skin into the body. In a bathtub full of warm water with a temperature of of 37-38 C, a necessary amount of the oil is added mixed with a carrier (liquid soap, milk, honey, bath salts). The duration in the bath should be 10 to 20 minutes. Increase of the duration should be done gradually. For local bath (feet) 2 to 3 drops are added to 5 ml of carrier.

2. Massage: This is the most effective way for penetration of essential oils into the body. The carrier solution is prepared shortly before use. Approximately 15 ml of a mixture, in which 7 to 8 drops of essential oil, or mixture of oils, should be enough for a full massaage. The vegetable oil could be almond oil, wheat germ oil, olive oil, etc.

3. Shampoo enrichment: Shampoos with essential oils added to them strenghten the hair, improve the skull-skin condition and are effective against dandruff. Add 10 to 15 drops of essential oil into a neutral shampoo.

4. Inhalations: Boil 1 liter of water in a suitable container. Add a few drops of essential oil or a mixture of oils. Inhale the vapours.

5. Aroma lamp: Pour warm water in the aroma lamp container, add 1 to 5 drops of essential oil and light the candle. The number of drops depends on the size of the premises. The gradual evaporation of the oil is realized through heating of the water in the lamp. The water should not boil, otherwise the quality and the influence of the aroma will change. The procedure should be carried out in a freshly ventilated room, with closed doors and windows.
Attention! Never leave the lamp with the candle burning unattended!

6. Air freshener: 5 to 10 drops are driped on dry flowers, potpourri or other suitable absorbent materal.

• Restrictions: Never apply essential oils directly on your skin. The essential oils should be mixed with carriers.
• Read the leaflet before use!
• Do not use essential oils on pregnant women, nursing mothers, in case of epilepsy, high blood pressure, allergic reaction of the skin, respiratory diseases. Do not use on children under 6 years of age!
• Keep in a dark and cool place in its original packaging, with the cap well closed. Keep out of the reach of children.
• Do not swallow! Avoid contact with eyes. The application should be done not more than once per day, every second day to a total of 5-6 procedures with one type of oil. A change of oil, or the mixture, is recommended after such treatment course.

Additional Information

Producer Areon
Ingredients 100% Natural essential oil
SKU 240298
Weight 10ml
Producer country Bulgaria

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